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The Meaning of Albatross

The albatross flies like no other bird. Truly unique in its approach, it leverages the power of the wind by making small adjustments with its body that can send it soaring effortlessly for hours without flapping its wings. Because of its dynamic flight technique, the albatross can fly thousands of miles without rest—often faster than the windspeed itself. Its innovative approach and wise use of resources gives it greater momentum to go farther than other birds, and that’s the same thing we help our clients do on their financial journey.

At Albatross Financial Group (Albatross), we believe that with the right knowledge and approach, you are capable of amazing feats just like the unique bird that inspired our name. Even small adjustments to your financial course can make a big impact on where you end up and how difficult or easy the journey is. That’s why we help you employ innovative strategies that leverage your current resources so you can maximize momentum toward your goals and reap the benefits along the way.

Whether you need guidance for maximizing your business investments or a comprehensive strategy for retirement, we’ll help you identify the resources and solutions you need to soar powerfully toward your goals.

Why Albatross?


We’ll be your trusted partner for all things financial and help you stay on course through
every season of life.


We know financial decisions can be complicated, but we’ll always take the time to
explain things thoroughly.


We’re committed to giving you the clarity you
need to make financial decisions with

Your 3-Step Flight Path

1. Identify the Destination

We’ll learn about you and your goals, and where you want to go. Whether your initial questions are about your business, your family, retirement, or taxes*, we’ll identify your greatest need and help you find the solution. From there, we’ll discover how it ties into your “big picture” financial destination.

2. Prepare for the Journey

We’ll make sure the right tools are in place to equip you for the journey ahead. Then we’ll create your comprehensive financial strategy and walk you through how and when to take each step.

3. Soar to Success

Flight guides are for life, and we’ll be here to answer any questions you have along the way. No matter what opportunities or challenges arise, we’ll make sure you stay on course and know the best path to maintain momentum toward a strong financial future.

*Neither Albatross Financial Group, NYLIFE Securities LLC, nor its representatives provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.